Degrees from British Universities

Internationally recognized academic degrees - Bachelor to PhD

Are you interested in externally working for a Bachelor-, Master- or Doctorate (PhD) or even a Doctor of Science degree from a British State University?

Degrees from British Universities are recognized internationally.

How do you get a degree?

There are multiple ways to obtain your degree.

For example, for the PhD

  • fast track
  • new path
  • by published work etc.

In the case of an unfinished study

You studied but did not terminate or succeed for whatever reason?

Work with us!

The fees include those of the University and are cheaper than if you enrolled directly with the University. How is this possible? The University is responsible only for the final acceptance.

We work with you – at no extra cost – until you get your degree.

Important: With us you may not study: medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, dentistry

Who we are?

We are an international group of active and retired University-Professors, lecturers and scientists.


  • University of Economics and Business
  • P.O:B. 211168
  • 50535 Cologne
  • Germany

If interested, kindly get in touch:

  • eMail:
  • Calls via telephone or Skype are possible as per previous agreement due to time-difference, availability etc.